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How to Choose the Right Mat Board

Written by BD Matboard Team on . Posted in Foam Boards, Framing & Mounting Tips

photo matsMany artists consider framing to be an extension of their work. With the perfect frame and mat, you can truly highlight a piece of artwork or photography. Whether you are an artist or professional framer, or just interested in at-home décor, here are three quick tips for choosing the right mat board for your needs:

1. Compare Products by Ease of Use

Artists and gallery owners who have access to mat cutters, can save on picture frame mats by purchasing full sheet mats and cutting them to size.  Full sheet photo mats and oversized mats will also fit into large or irregularly sized frames. If you already have a standard sized picture frame, then pre cut mats will save you time, as these mats come cut to size and ready for use. Adhesive mounting board is also a simple DIY solution for home artwork and photography displays. Simply cut the adhesive mounting board to size, center the artwork, frame, and hang!

 2. Select a Complementary Color

If you aren’t sure which color photo mat to use, then stay neutral. You can never go wrong with white, ivory, blacks, grays or earth tones. When selecting a more colorful mat, you want to make sure to enhance and not weaken the essence of the artwork or photography. Some compositions and frames work well with color photo mats. Many framers will even double mat, using an off-white mat and a colorful mat to provide a nice balance for the artwork.

3. Choose The Right Size for Your Art and Frame

When it comes to framing mats, you may find yourself asking how wide your mat should be? Here’s a general rule of thumb: do not make your mat the same width as the frame. When the mat and the frame are equal in width, the overall visual effect is displeasing and the viewer’s eye doesn’t know where to focus. It is best to make your mat either wider or narrower than your frame. Try highlighting a smaller piece of artwork with an extra-wide white mat and a minimalist wood or metal frame. Whether you’re looking for a specific mat board colors, pre cut mat boards, or adhesive boards, you’re in the right place. All you have to do is click through to the BD MatBoard website to access the colors and sizes you are looking for!

Photo Credit: Flickr user DarrelBirkett

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