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What to Look for In A Mat Board Supplier

Written by BD Matboard Team on . Posted in About Mat Board

Whether you are a frame store owner, an artist or a DIY framer, choosing the right mat board is crucial to the presentation and preservation of your art. A low quality mat can actually damage your artwork over time.

When you are selecting matting and framing supplies for your next project, here are four features to look for in your mat board supplier:

1. Acid Free and Lignin Free Products

To prevent mat burn, or browning at the edges of your work, select a vendor who offers 100% acid free, lignin free, pH neutral mats. Acid free and lignin free mats use a calcium carbonate buffering process to remove harmful chemicals from the material.  This ensures long term preservation of framed paintings, drawing, posters and photographs.

2. Careful Shipping

If your mat board arrives damaged, then it won’t be useful for your framing and mounting projects. When working with a mat board supplier, look for a seller offering reinforced shipping cartons. Leading mat board suppliers will shrink-wrap mats and then pad the corners of each shipment with corrugated cardboard, to ensure safe, damage-free delivery. Bulk shipments should be delivered on pallets to minimize cost and prevent damages en route.

3. Wholesale Pricing and Bulk Discounts

Why pay a middle man if you don’t have to? Purchasing mat board directly from a manufacturer saves you dollars off of each order. If you are buying a bulk quantity of mats for resale or a large project, then look for a manufacturer who provides bulk discount options for even greater savings.

4. Manufactured in the U.S.

Purchase mat board from a U.S. manufacturer to support an independent, family-owned business. BD MatBoard is one of the only U.S.-based mat board manufacturers. Show your support for small U.S. businesses and jobs by purchasing from a independent supplier, who is also competitive on pricing.

If you have questions about choosing the right mat for your needs, then visit our previous FAQ blog post or learn more on the BDMatBoard website.

Style Inspiration: Oversized Mat Boards

Written by BD Matboard Team on . Posted in Frame Arrangements, Framing & Mounting Tips

What happens when you place a regular or even a tiny image on a huge mat? Why, interior design magic of course! An oversized mat board draws the eye to your artwork and larger mats coordinate well with almost any type of frame.

Use large mats to turn family photos, paintings, posters and prints into revered art objects. Check out these five impressive uses of extra-large mats from around the web.

 1. Rectangular Mat and Square Picture

This square image gains in interest when you add a rectangular oversized mat to it with a black frame. This could work in the opposite direction to, with a square mat and a rectangular image. Image via Pinterest.

big mat board

2.One Big Focal Point

Surrounded by regularly framed or mounted artwork, the picture on the far wall draws the eye and adds scale and drama to this room. The combination of a white mat, dark wood frame and dark image truly make an impact on the viewer. Image via Pinterest.

oversized matboard 

3. Breaking Up A Pattern

This large white double mat, with a black and white photo in the center, dazzles the eye in front of  retro black and white wallpaper. We think even a colorful mat could work in this instance. Image via Pinterest.

big mat board

4. Accent Wall with Oversized Mat

Paint a bold color block on the wall and then hang a white on white extra large matted picture.  What a fun and funky look! Image via Houzz.

 bold mat board

5. An Oversized Series

Competing for attention with other gold framed images and a packed book shelf, the white mats and neutral images make this space look larger and lighter. Image via Pinterest.

white mat board

Have you used an oversized mat board to make a framed piece look more dramatic? Share links to your framing handy work in the comments below.  When you are ready to hang your next masterpiece, visit for wholesale prices on all your framing and matting needs.